Tom has asked us to update the club members with the latest situation with Elevation Airsports.

Text has been copied verbatim:

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry for the lack of communication but here is a long overdue update.

I hope this email finds you well, despite the further lockdown and the affect it has had on all of us.

While the general aviation community has come to a standstill during this current period, behind the scenes I am still working hard to ensure when we come out of the lockdown the school is in a strong position to hit the ground running and make the most of whatever we have got.

I have a few bits of news to update you on.

From an operational point of view its modus operandi, nothing is going to change in the short term. I will still be working at M&S for the time being until there is some level of stability within the training market with students, clients and also when the business is in a position to require full time instruction again. This means flying in the afternoon’s, weekend’s and days off. I will try where I can to allocate rest time around poor weather with the occasional day of rest around that too. I will keep you advised of this where possible. There will be a mad rush once everyone is allowed to fly again, I will try my best to manage everyone’s expectations and to make sure everyone is given a fair opportunity to get current again. Another email will follow sooner to the time when I have a better idea for the exit plan from the government and the DfT regarding flight training.

It will soon be coming up to year since I started Elevation Airsports Ltd. Shocking to know it’s nearly been a year and need I say any more about the year we’ve all had! I’ve had the aircraft insurance renewal through and the premium has gone up a gobsmacking 58%!!!! Having spent the majority of my week getting other quotes and talking to insurance brokers it looks as though that it is the price and there isn’t much in it between the underwriters left in the aviation sector. They put it down to “substantial losses across virtually all segments of the business making it one of the most expensive loss years on record. Unfortunately, it is the worldwide disasters with airlines that also has a knock on effect with general aviation and even now we are still seeing some Underwriters withdraw from the market completely making the Aviation market even smaller,”

With the insurance premium increasing by a substantial amount I’ve had to carefully take a look at the pricing structure of Elevation Airsports Ltd. At the moment I am not in a position to be able to absorb that increase with the current pricing so I have adjusted the charges accordingly, see attached for the latest price list.

The BMAA have lobbied with The CAA on behalf of school and student pilots with regards to theory exam expiry dates. The CAA have agreed to an extension until the 31/05/2021. Some very welcome news by all. Many thanks to the BMAA for their hard work in achieving this outcome.

The C42 has passed it’s permit with flying colours, many thanks for Steph for coming out to sort the inspection for us!

Some very exciting news, Elevation Airsports Ltd now has a new home at the airport. The business’s operational base will be from Aeros Flight Training. I will be using their state of the art modern facilities and the aircraft will be hangered adjacent to the Aeros building too. All the aircraft that were in the A&E hangar have moved across as well, many thanks to everyone who played a part in the move across, I couldn’t have done it without you.

This move across to Aeros I hope will rejuvenate the social side of the flying school, one which Aeros are very much in support of. In my mind most importantly it sets the foundations to create one of the best light weight aircraft flight training organisation in the country. This has the beginnings of something with incredible potential that I can be proud to say I own, operate and for its members to be proud to be a part of too!

As always many thanks for your continued support, feel free to contact me in the usual ways.

Kind Regards

Tom Hay

Chief Flying Instructor

Elevation Airsports Ltd


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