Oops – Sorry due to an error on my part, the Treasurer’s Report was not included in the latest Airscrew.

So Here it is:-

The Treasurer’s Report 2019

Best wishes to everyone for 2020

As mentioned elsewhere the AGM is on 15th January at the FLYING SHACK DINER

You can see from the accounts, our expenditure for 2019 was £200.00 less than our income for the year. ( after allowing for charitable collections, £943.90 for The Great Western Air Ambulance )

Membership subscription for 2020 remains as it has been for the last few years at £20.00 (unless reviewed at the AGM)

Everyone’s prompt attention to paying up for 2020 will be appreciated.

Cash is OK – please make sure you get a receipt with your name on it out of the book.

Sorry – NO CHEQUES again this year. ( if you don’t do bank transfers please give your £20.00 to someone who does, to do one on your behalf ( with your name attached ! )or give me a ring and we can sort something out.)

Go to the club website, and then to ‘’join the club’’ where you will find the clubs bank details. ( HSBC sort code: 40 22 09 account no. 62599821 Severn Valley Microlight Club )

Paypal is also possible but as I have previously said it costs the club nearly £1.00 to receive payment this way so please do a transfer if you can.

And thank you to the members who have already renewed for 2020 !

Andy Virgoe

Treasurer SVMC

Tel: 07852 606 606

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