Club History

The Severn Valley Microlight Club was founded in 1982 in the Gloucester area. In 2012 it celebrated its Thirtieth Anniversary with a gathering at the Flying Shack at Gloucestershire Airport. A number of former members attended including Gordon Gould who was Club member number three in 1982 and has maintained his membership ever since! He had a complete collection of Club newsletters from the time of the Club’s inception. Using these as a basis he produced a brief account of the Club’s early days. This was then augmented and expanded by trawling through 30 years worth of newsletters to produce the final document which appeared alongside the Club newsletter in December 2012. It is interesting to note that the Club membership fee in 2012 was £15. Even now, in 2018, the fee is only £20 which most pilots would agree is still excellent value! It is hoped to add to the document and bring it up to date in stages over time. Click the link below to download to read how the Club developed and the achievements of some of the members involved.

The History of the SVMC8